Jewellery Cleaning Tips by Woodbridge Jewellers

Jewellers always hold a special place in a woman’s heart. Being an expensive item, every woman would want to keep them look sparkling for a long time. In order to ensure that the trinkets sparkle in the same way when it was bought, you can take the cleaning advice of Woodbridge jewellers and clean the trinkets on your own. All one needs to do is to follow the basic cleaning and maintenance tips practical.

You Can Minimize the Cleaning Needs

In order to reduce the need of trinket cleaning, one should try to avoid applying makeup and fragrances while wearing baubles. Fragrances can destroy the shine and beauty of the trinket. Another great way to reduce the need of cleaning the trinket is by removing the accessories while carrying out gardening or other kind of housework.

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However, in case you need to clean your trinkets, you don’t need to go for expensive jewelry cleaners. In order to take good care or the baubles, some common cleaning supplies can go a long way. Woodbridge jewellers advices people to take a look into some common home supplies with which you can clean your trinkets.

  • Ammonia

If you want to keep the sparkle of your diamond ring in the same way, you can soak the ring in a solution of 1 cup of warm water and 1/4 th cup of ammonia for 15 minutes. With the help of a soft brush, the dust and grime can be easily removed.

  • Vinegar

If you are looking forward to clean your gold baubles, you can use white vinegar solution. The jewellery can be placed inside vinegar solution for10-15 minutes. The dust can be removed using a soft brush. Now, Woodbridge jewellers provide some basic cleaning tips for various kinds of trinkets.

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Silver: If you notice that your solver ornaments are becoming discolored, you can use a few drops of mild dish soap with warm water solution to rub the ornament. After rubbing, it needs to be cleaned in cold water and allowed to dry. It can help back to get back the color.

Gold: Like it has been mentioned gold baubles can be given a bubble bath in order to get rid of debris and dust. However, in order to get back the shine of a solid gold ring, beer can be used Woodbridge jewellers suggest that pouring bit of wine on a cloth and rubbing the trinket can help to get back the shine.

Pearls: Pearl jewellery easily loses their luster. Whether the pearl is real or faux, it needs to be cleaned with great care. It should be placed on a soft cloth. Small makeup brush can be dipped in a solution of warm water and shampoo and brushed over the pearls. Then it needs to be cleaned with a damp cloth and allowed to dry.

Although there is an option to take the trinkets to Woodbridge jewellers for cleaning, you can try to clean it on your own. It would save your bucks and bring smile on your face. Most importantly, taking the baubles to a professional jeweler, for getting back the spark and glitz, won’t become a pain in the neck anymore.