How Does Bad Air Ducts Affect Our Body?

A dirty air duct, whether it is installed in one’s home or in any other space like office buildings, can affect the health and the well being of the occupants. When the inhabitants breathe in the poor quality air, the occupants of the space are bound to fall sick. In short, it has been often described that a dirty air duct is the leading reason for indoor air pollution.

Only when one takes the help of air duct cleaning services, the air pollution caused by the ducts can be controlled. The reason is pretty simple. Air duct cleaners will get rid of the dirt and debris from the air ducts and make it clean. When the air ducts are properly cleaned it won’t affect the health of a person.

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Unclean Air Ducts Can Be Dangerous

Studies conducted by EPA have shown that almost in every homes and office spaces, the air ducts accumulates almost 40 pounds of dust, debris, and other harmful contaminants. Basically, the ductwork within the HVAC system is responsible for circulating fresh air all throughout the room. The filters present in the ductwork clean the air and after that the system blows air inside the home. However, when the ducts or the filter itself is covered with dust, debris, harmful bacteria, and god knows what else, then your system would blow out impure air.

When ducts become clogged with dust it would make the air dirty. Dirty and impure air would be bad when one breathes it. With air duct cleaning services the amount of indoor air pollution can be easily controlled. Studies have shown that people spend most of their time indoors. So if they breathe in the polluted air they are bound to face many health problems.


How A Dirty Duct Can Affect The Body?dirty air ducts

Dirty air conditionings filter when clogged with dust, pollen, smoke, pet hair, and dander becomes the ideal environment for mold growth and spores. Providers of air duct cleaning services can properly maintain the air-conditioner filters and ducts. Hence, totally reduces the build-up of allergens. Air duct cleaning professionals can perfectly describe the way dirty air ducts affects the health. Take a look:

Sinus : Dust and debris in the air ducts gets blown into the living space, every time a heating and cooling system is turned on. When one breathes in this polluted air, it can work with the sinus and cause inflammation and infection.

Allergies: Air duct cleaning services defines that dust, mold, and pollen are very common particles in dirty air ducts. People who are allergic to these substances can suffer from long allergy attacks as soon as they breathe in the polluted air.

Asthma: People suffering from asthma can suffer from asthma attack as soon they get exposed to dust or pollen or other substances that are present in the air.

Air duct cleaning services can get rid of respiratory infections which are often the result of allergens, bacteria, and viruses within the dirty air ducts. Duct cleaning professional will clean the ducts so that the air blown by the system won’t affect the health of a person.


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