Candle Holders

It’s another day of inspiration here, this time from Kate Spade. Her famous gold polka dot design is a favourite for Shine PR. If you remember a few weeks back I shared all about the ladies of Shine PR and how I am working with them to create a home office space that is not only functional but has a fun and feminine vibe. I couldn’t resist but to incorporate one of there favourite patterns into the space, through repeating it throughout the room.


I began by measuring and cutting the piece of fabric, creating two 14 inch pillows. I also made two small lumbar pillows with the leftover fabric, I think they will look cute on the office chairs. After the pillows were cut out, I pinned and sewed them together, leaving an opening wide enough to fit my hand in order to fill the pillows with stuffing. I gave them each a quick iron in order to smooth out any wrinkles and then they were ready for the fun part, painting!

KSIP2For one of the larger pillows and the two lumbar pillows I used the circle design. To create the circles on the pillows, I taped the stencil in place and then using my paint sponge I dipped it in the bowl of metallic paint and began filling in each circle.

**Tip: Before pressing your sponge brush onto the fabric make sure to remove excess paint by dabbing the sponge brush onto cardboard or the side of your bowl.

For the second large pillow I decided to try a different pattern, chevron! Using Chevron Frog Tape, I placed the tape on the pillow in a horizontal pattern, evenly spacing it apart. To space the tape evenly apart, I laid out the first row and then used a smaller piece of the tape to place after the first row that I could easily remove once the next row had been placed. This helped me to keep the pattern perfectly lined up so each row looked uniform to one another. After the tape was placed, I painted the pillow using the same sponge brush technique.


Let the pillows dry and then remove the tape. Add the poly stuffing, ensuring to fill each corner of the pillow really well, then stitch up the opening that was left for the stuffing and display your beautiful Kate Spade inspired pillows for all to envy! 😉


I can’t wait to share these pillows with the ladies of Shine and see how they look in their new office space! What do you think of the pillows? Do they remind you of Kate Spade?