Everything You Need To Know About Quartz Vs Granite

The countertops of quartz are nothing but a blend of manufactured resin and granite. This is why they can be more prone to the destruction caused due to heat. However, there is a minimal possibility of them staining. Granite comes from the souls of the earth. A sealer needs to be applied every year when it comes to granite; however, it is much cheaper than quartz.

quartz vs granite

Both quartz vs granite has equal benefits as well as setbacks. Given below are the advantages and disadvantages of quartz-

  1. quartz vs graniteThe countertops made up of quartz are much more beneficial than granite because although they are equally sturdy, quartz countertops are much more adjustable which is why they won’t crack anytime soon.
  2. Quartz is impermeable which is why they don’t make use of sealing. Hence these stones play a good role in offering effectively without maintenance surface of work for the kitchen.
  3. Quartz countertops have magnificent longevity. Although they are extremely durable, they cannot be called non-breakable. One good part about quartz is that it is resistant to stain which is why all you have to do is clean up the dirt real fast.
  4. One setback of quartz is that it can lose its color real quick. This mainly happens when quartz comes in direct contact with the sun. The UV rays of the sun are too violent for quartz which is why it can fade.
  5. You will also be able to clearly view seams until you pick a slab of the lighter color.

Advantages and disadvantages of granite-

  1. They are not even in both color and looks. Many of the people find this as an advantage while others find it a setback.
  2. Sealing of granite countertops is required on a yearly basis. This is only not needed if you have your own countertop.
  3. Granite just like quartz is extremely sturdy. It has brilliant longevity but nonetheless, it can still get destructed. If overly used or not used in the right way, it will get damaged since it’s a genuine rock which is natural.
  4. All the seams can be hidden in a granite countertop to a very limited amount. However, you can use a perplexing fabricator to try and cover the maximal seams.
  5. The stone that you will get and the models’ featured in the stores can be a little different from each other. You can hence go to a stone garden and pick your ideal granite.

quartz vs granite

If you devote a fair amount of time looking through the Internet, you’ll come across n number of different feedbacks about quartz vs granite. Every individual prefers different countertops. While many insist on you choosing granite, others will insist you choose quartz. Granite is not only cost-friendly but also works miraculously. Quartz, on the other hand, works effortlessly as well. So the choice is up to you. Be it the designing or effectiveness, everybody has their own opinion.